Below is a selection of the questions we are most commonly asked. Please Contact us if you have a query which is not on this page.


Do you offer free samples?

Yes, we do.  We are happy to provide small samples free of charge to give clients an indication of the look and feel of our materials and finishes, and to help them choose the right product for a particular project.  Some clients go on to request larger sample boards which are chargeable.


Do you carry out site surveys?

We do, but not for every project.  We visit site for projects where we are installing as well as supplying flooring material.  We may also recommend a site visit for supply only projects with added complexity.  Visiting site provides an opportunity to advise clients on installation considerations specific to the location in which their flooring will be installed as well as ensuring the desired product specification is appropriate.


What grades of flooring do you offer and how do you define each grade?

It is important to note that grade definitions and descriptions vary between companies.  Our Prime Grade flooring is  approximately 95% knot and issue free. Our Character Grade flooring is approximately 80% knot and issue free.  Please note that these percentages are applied to the overall flooring order and not to individual boards, which may vary.  It is possible for the percentage of knots across a floor to be varied further, with clients specifying boards with a higher or lower knot content.  Some clients may wish to specify the amount of other characteristics of boards such as sap content.  Let us know what your requirements are and we will be happy to confirm what is possible and to quote for more select or more rustic options.


Should I choose solid or engineered flooring?

This is a personal, as well as practical, choice.  We offer both formats with almost all our products.  Engineered boards have a top wear layer of wood, supported by layers of ply, glued together in alternate directions for added strength and dimensional stability.   Engineered wood flooring has greater versatility in terms of the type of subfloors over which it can be laid.  It is particularly favoured over underfloor heating because it is less susceptible to movement than solid wood flooring.  Some clients prefer to have a solid wood floor, although once installed, it is difficult to tell the difference between solid and engineered floor boards.  Whilst solid boards will offer more opportunities for sanding and re-finishing over time, both formats should last for decades, especially when well maintained.


How wide is your flooring?

We offer flooring in widths up to 300mm, although we are sometimes able to go wider, depending on the species and client specification.


Can I have wooden flooring over underfloor heating?

As a general rule, yes you can.  Engineered wood flooring is particularly favoured and recommended over underfloor heating because it offers greater dimensional stability than solid wood over a heat source.   Please see our Flooring Installation Guide and Flooring Maintenance Guide for further information.  We also recommend that you seek guidance from your underfloor heating supplier before selecting the most appropriate wooden flooring for your project.


Can I have wooden flooring in a bathroom or kitchen?

It is possible for clients to have wooden floors in their bathrooms and kitchens, provided certain requirements are met and additional care is taken in these areas. These rooms typically experience higher levels of/fluctuations in humidity and temperature than other areas of the home.  We recommend discussing your project with us so that you can decide whether a wooden floor will suit your needs and if so, the most appropriate options to meet your requirements. Please see our Flooring Maintenance Guide which provides advice on ensuring that temperature and humidity levels are kept within range so that your wooden floor will look and perform its best for years to come.


What finishes would you recommend for my flooring? Should I choose oil or lacquer?

The market for finishes is growing all the time, providing an increasing amount of options for customers.  Finishes are very much an individual choice and will depend on factors such as the species of wood selected, the desired look and texture of the flooring, likely traffic over the area and maintenance considerations.  Finishes can incorporate tinted colours and flooring can be pre-finished or finished on site, depending on the project.  Whilst oil based finishes impregnate the wood, lacquer forms a protective layer on top of  it, which some people find easier to clean.  The benefit of an oil based finish is that it can be maintained more easily.  We are used to helping clients find the right finishing product for their project, sometimes creating a recipe specific to a customer’s requirements.  Our Colours and Textures and Gallery pages are good starting points for ideas.  If you have a particular look or finish in mind, please contact us to discuss the options available.


Can you supply flooring to match my existing flooring/staircase?

We can usually provide a close match to wood that is already installed and this is something a number of our clients ask us to do.  There are some examples in the Gallery of matching flooring and stairs.  Please ask us for advice on the particular project you have in mind so that we can provide options.


Do you provide an installation service?

We do.  Some customers prefer to use our installation service, although there is no obligation to do so.  Benefits of combining supply and installation include familiarity and experience in laying our flooring.  We would advise all customers, including those using their own installers, to read our Flooring Installation Guide.  We are happy to liaise with customers’ contractors and answer any questions they may have about laying our flooring.


How long will it take to supply my flooring?

Lead times may take anything from a few days to a few weeks and will depend on the flooring specification and finish.  We advise and keep customers updated on lead times from the outset.


What are the delivery options for flooring?

Our flooring is usually delivered by couriers, although some orders may be delivered using a company vehicle.  Occasionally customers arrange their own collection service or opt to collect in person.


Will my timber flooring move?

Timber is hygroscopic,  meaning it absorbs and releases moisture depending on the environmental conditions surrounding it and it will expand and contract as a result.  There are likely to be subtle changes in your flooring as the seasons change – this is perfectly normal.  It is important to avoid excess movement.  Please see our Flooring Maintenance Guide which provides information on maintaining appropriate environmental conditions to ensure optimal performance of your wooden floor.


How should I maintain my flooring?

Keeping temperature and humidity within recommended ranges combined with appropriate cleaning of your floor will make a significant difference to its appearance and performance over time. Suitable cleaning products will depend on your floor type and finish. As a general rule, your floor should be kept free of dirt and grit with regular sweeping and/or vacuuming with appropriate soft attachments. Avoid excess moisture on your floor, taking care to remove spillages as they occur. For cleaning, we would recommend the use of a microfibre mop system for specific use on wooden floors.  Our Flooring Maintenance Guide provides further information and tips on caring for your floor.